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April 22, 2014:
Blu-Ray DVDs offer a higher level of encryption, and are much harder to pirate, and movie locker software makes it easy to back up your film for any device.


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DVD Encryption & Authoring Software

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Anyone with a few hundred dollars and a little knowhow can become a DVD producer. Whether you've got your own content, home movies, or even a slideshow, you can use DVD encryption software to create DVDs with menus, sections, special features, extra audio tracks, and more. In the past, DVD encryption suggested the use of cracking or hacking programs (like the old standby DVD Shrink or DeCSS) to bypass the security protocols on store-bought DVDs and create comrpressed versions of the original on the DVD-ROM blanks that you can get at almost any store. However, it is illegal to make copies of DVDs, and the studios tend to sue people who tell you how to do it, and they have added much better encryption to their top brands, which prevents the average user from making copies of borrowed or rented video discs. Older copy protection systems were defeated by simple steps, but now you can be looking at prison time when you copy anything copyrighted, especially if it ends up on a folder shared by your P2P system like Limewire or Pirate Bay.

As we indicated, DVD encryption software referred to here is more relevant to making your own DVDs. Some of the top brands include BrotherSoft and DVD Decrypter.


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Special note: This site does not support DVD decryption for the purposes of copyright violation.