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June 4, 2014:
Google releases End to End Chrome Extension. In the wake of multiple scandals and a perceived attack on reporters, encryption becomes more of an issue than ever.



In a Post-Snowden world, people are scrambling to encrypt files beyond NSA cracking and snooping

PGP and Digital Encryption

Privacy and Video Encoding Software (Popular Encryption Platforms)

Encryption SoftwareEdward Snowden and his computers full of NSA secrets have essentially proven that encryption is a joke and that secrets are not hard to find. When the President of Brazil revealed that her personal email and her country's oil secrets were up for grabs, she canceled a White House visit and complained to the UN. No software referenced here should be thought of as safe from NSA encryption given that news came out that the National Security Agency weakened encryption, created back doors in programs, and may be getting information before and after the encryption process so a secure channel is worthless. Multiple-layer encryption using several programs may be the way to go, especially if you and your contact are the only ones that know which series of programs is being used to encrypt and decrypt data. Digital Encryption software is used to ensure privacy between parties online. A common synonym for "encyption software" is the digital encoding software that is used to turn video into DVD, convert files from one media platform to another, or encode onto the media itself, like when you remaster an album that was previously on vinyl onto a CD. However, the most popular encryption software searches online involve digital privacy. With multiple authentication and encryption protocols, most people want to make sure that their transactions are validated with 128 bit encryption so as to prevent spying.

Some of the different types of encryption are PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and GNU Privacy Guard. Some of the standards for encryption that software algorithms are based on include Rijndael, MARS, and Twofish, but the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has chosen Rijndael for its speed. Another brand, Serpent, is more secure but time consuming, which is one of the problems with any encrypting algorithm, given that content has to be processed for sending and decrypted for receiving, which involves CPU time. In essence, the more secure encryption standard will necessarily be the most time consuming, because of the steps involved. For encryption involving merchant account transactions, is similar to most services in that it uses a high standard of encryption.

This site will have sections for all kinds of encryption software, and offers on software that can encrypt databases and files. It will also have news on recent court cases regarding encryption and the law. In particular, it will examine whether a person can be made to divulge key codes without self-incrimination, which is of particular interest to a variety of industrial and privacy advocates who keep classified information.

 The advent of the netbook computer, tablet, slate, and iPad from Apple have added to the field of encryption software design and development. Additionally, competing formats and app stores have made several varieties of email and video encryption available to general users, so 2010 is sure to be an exciting year in encryption software technology.

Would you be surprised to learn that most of the information you send online is easily copied and recorded on its way from point A to point B? Unless you have point to point encryption with strong security, then it isn't hard for companies to read and sample information from your emails, the sites you visit, and the things your shop for. Until fairly recently, Google search was not secured, meaning every query passing between servers could be copied and analyzed by parties in between, and this data was used for everything from keyword discovery tools to determining personal information that was appended to URLs as part of the query string. If you have a big enough database, you can build a behavioral profile of a person and accurately determine names, shopping preferences, hobbies, political affiliations, and the things that they look for when they think nobody is looking. This can be tied to your IP address, computer ID, and the destination of your searches. With encryption software, at least you have the opportunity to cloak your activities online, but the general caveat is that nothing is perfect, and your attempt to hide information may make it more interesting to parties that can crack the code and peek into your activities.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: No information on this site should be used to bypass encryption on DVDs or software. There are plenty of sites which describe how to avoid encryption standards on software and media products, including rootkits designed to prevent copying. Copyright laws and recent legislation regarding decrypting DVD and software titles without permission generally give rights to bodies like the RIAA, and they can fine you more money than you may ever make. All activity that privatizes communication should be used for legal purposes only.